append in IMAP4 from imaplib very slow

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at
Thu Jul 26 01:57:55 CEST 2012

Simon Pirschel <sp <at>> writes:
>     Hi,
>     I'm currently experimenting with IMAP using Python 2.7.3 and IMAP4
>     from imaplib. I noticed the performance to be very bad. I read 5000
>     files from a directory and append them to an IMAP INBOX. The hole
>     procedure of reading and appending is taking about 210 seconds.
>     I set up the exact same code in Perl to check if there is a general
>     IMAP server configuration issue, since CPU and I/O isn't the
>     problem. The same amount of data on the same IMAP server is done
>     after 7.9 seconds using Perl.
>     The difference is huge and I tried to narrow the issue down by
>     profiling the Python code.
>     The profile results are, 206 seconds are spent in calling
>     socket.recv.

This just means that most of the time is spent waiting for the server to
reply. Perhaps the Perl and Python IMAP libraries use different IMAP commands
for appending?



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