Search and replace text in XML file?

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Sat Jul 28 09:17:45 CEST 2012

On 7/27/2012 9:23 PM, todd.tabern at wrote:
> I'm looking to search an entire XML file for specific text and
> replace that text, while maintaining the structure of the XML file.

For a one-off project, or for experimentation, I would use a proper 
text-editor* and run through with search/replace. For automation, use 
Jason's suggestion of .replace, perhaps on a line-by-line basis.

* By definition, such only make changes you request. Notepad++ is one 
such on Windows. You do not want a word or document processor, or, for 
simple xml oblivious text substitutions, an xml processor. Such things 
often make changes of various sorts.

Terry Jan Reedy

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