Is Python a commercial proposition ?

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at
Sun Jul 29 20:38:19 CEST 2012

Tim Chase, 29.07.2012 20:28:
> On 07/29/12 12:13, Michael Hrivnak wrote:
>> - Operating system installer:
>> - Software repository management:
>> - Software package installation:
>> - Cloud computing:
> I'll include both the Bazaar and Mercurial DVCS tools which are
> mostly Python (I understand some inner loops drop to C, but both
> have the option to fall back to a pure Python implementation).

I find it perfectly reasonable to use C code (and other kinds of low-level
code) in Python tools and applications. In fact, easy interfacing with
low-level code is one of (C)Python's major selling points.


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