Is Python a commercial proposition ?

Bernd Waterkamp Bernd-Waterkamp at
Sun Jul 29 21:43:22 CEST 2012

Michael Hrivnak schrieb:

> Python is used frequently on the server side of web applications for
> sites of all sizes, with the UI generally being done in javascript.

Two large companies with lots of python code are dropbox and youtube:

> It's also used heavily for administrative purposes such as:
> - Operating system installer:
> - Software repository management:
> - Software package installation:
> - Cloud computing:

- Frameworks/tools like func, fabric or ipython are used in medium and
large networks/"clouds". 
- Python is also used a lot for admin tasks instead of shell scripts. 
- I know IBM WebSphere is not the favorite choice as an application server
for most Java programmers *g*, but it uses Jython for the admin CLI. 

python and python based tools are used for engineering and scientific
computing - some random examples: numpy, Sage, matplotlib, NetworkX. 


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