ANN: pathlib 0.7

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at
Sun Jul 29 23:49:28 CEST 2012


pathlib 0.7 has been released with the following changes:

- Add '**' (recursive) patterns to Path.glob().
- Fix openat() support after the API refactoring in Python 3.3 beta1.
- Add a *target_is_directory* argument to Path.symlink_to()

pathlib offers a set of classes to handle filesystem paths.  It offers the
following advantages over using string objects:

* No more cumbersome use of os and os.path functions.  Everything can be
  done easily through operators, attribute accesses, and method calls.

* Embodies the semantics of different path types.  For example, comparing
  Windows paths ignores casing.

* Well-defined semantics, eliminating any warts or ambiguities (forward vs.
  backward slashes, etc.).

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