Is Python a commercial proposition ?

Paul Rubin at nospam.invalid
Mon Jul 30 05:03:00 CEST 2012

Rodrick Brown <rodrick.brown at> writes:
> Hence the reason why no one will seriously look at Python for none
> glue work or simple web apps.  When it comes to designing complex
> applications that need to exploit large multicore systems Python just
> isn't an option.

That's wrong, I've run multicore apps in Python, by just using separate
processes.  There was no GIL issue, just separate processes for each
core.  The cpython interpreter is so slow that the GIL is usually not
the bottleneck anyway.  For lots of applications this just doesn't
matter since the app is either not cpu-intensive or (in my case) all the
work is done in native libraries.

> Its still not possible to be a pure Python developer and find gainful
> employment today.

Certainly any serious programmer should be good in multiple languages,
and in fact I got to write a little bit of C code at work a few months
ago, but it wasn't really needed.  The program is all Python.

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