PyPI question, or, maybe I'm just stupid

Dieter Maurer dieter at
Mon Jul 30 11:20:58 CEST 2012

Chris Gonnerman <chris at> writes:

> I've been making some minor updates to the PollyReports module I
> announced a while back, and I've noticed that when I upload it to
> PyPI, my changelog (CHANGES.txt) doesn't appear to be integrated into
> the site at all.  Do I have to put the changes into the README, or
> have I missed something here?  It seems that there should be some
> automatic method whereby PyPI users could easily see what I've changed
> without downloading it first.

"CHANGES.txt" is not automatically presented.
If necessary, you must integrate it into the "long description".

However, personally, I am not interested in all the details (typically
found in "CHANGES.txt") but some (often implicit) information is
sufficient for me: something like "major API change", "minor bug
fixes". Thus, think carefully what you put on the overview page.

I find it very stupid to see several window scrolls of changes for
a package but to learn how to install the package, I have to download its

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