Is Python a commercial proposition ?

Tim Chase python.list at
Mon Jul 30 13:09:03 CEST 2012

On 07/29/12 21:31, Rodrick Brown wrote:
> Its still not possible to be a pure Python developer and find
> gainful employment today.

I'm not sure where you get your facts, but unless you define "pure"
in a super-narrow way, it's just flat-out wrong.  I've been employed
doing primarily Python for the past 7+ years.  Yes, there's been
some SQL involved; yes, I've done code-reviews for somebody else's
C# (the nice thing about C-like languages is they all read mostly
the same); yes, some of the web apps have required knowing
ECMAScript, HTML, XML, CSS, etc.  But the day to day is mostly
coding in Python.  And the several recruiters that have contacted me
in the past week or two about additional Python positions seem to
think there are pure Python jobs available.

Maybe you intended to write "not possible to be a poor Python
developer and find gainful employment today" which could surely be
the case, as I've met LOTS of programmers (Python and otherwise)
that I'd never consider hiring because of their poor
skills/understanding of their tools.


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