[Python] Re: PyPI question, or, maybe I'm just stupid

Chris Gonnerman chris at gonnerman.org
Mon Jul 30 14:46:16 CEST 2012

On 07/29/2012 11:00 PM, Ben Finney wrote:
> Your post is showing up as a reply to a thread about IEEE-784 floats, 
> because you created your message as a reply. Consequently, it's rather 
> confusing why you suddenly start talking about PollyReports. If you 
> want to attract attention to an unrelated topic, it's best if you 
> don't reply to an existing thread; instead, start a new thread by 
> composing a new message to the forum. 
My apologies.  I did not consider that headers I can't see might be 
being sent along.

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