Is Python a commercial proposition ?

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Mon Jul 30 18:25:22 CEST 2012

On Jul 29, 9:01 pm, lipska the kat <lip... at> wrote:
> Pythoners
> Firstly, thanks to those on the tutor list who answered my questions.
> I'm trying to understand where Python fits into the set of commonly
> available, commercially used languages of the moment.
> My most recent experience is with Java. The last project I was involved
> with included 6775 java source files containing 1,145,785 lines of code.
> How do I know this? because I managed to cobble together a python script
> that walks the source tree and counts the lines of code. It ignores
> block and line comments and whitespace lines so I'm fairly confident
> it's an accurate total. It doesn't include web interface files (mainly
> .jsp and HTML) or configuration files (XML, properties files and what
> have you). In fact it was remarkably easy to do this in python which got
> me thinking about how I could use the language in a commercial environment.
> I was first attracted to python by it's apparent 'Object Orientedness' I
> soon realised however that by looking at it in terms of the language I
> know best I wasn't comparing like with like. Once I had 'rebooted the
> bioware' I tried to approach python with an open mind and I have to say
> it's growing on me.
> The questions I have are ...
> How is python used in the real world.
> What sized projects are people involved with
> Are applications generally written entirely in python or is it more
> often used for a subset of functionality.

I think when people talk of scripting this area tends to get missed:
(Or if someone mentioned it, I missed it :-) )

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