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lspci gets all its information from the files in /sys/bus/pci/devices.

You can use os.listdir() to list all the files in the folder and then open
the files you want to get the data you need.

And of course you can write list comprehensions on as many lines as
it take to make the code maintainable.


On 30 Jul 2012, at 17:55, Paul van der Linden <mail at> wrote:

> You can do this with one subprocess.Popen and some python commands.
> The alternative is to pipe some subprocess.Popen commands together.
> Or for the quick way out (but I think you better stick with bash scripting then):
> Don't know about it's stability/ubs/etc, never used it.
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> Dear friends,
> I just joined the group.
> I was trying porting from bash shell to python.
> let me know if someone has tried to implement (grep and PIPE)  shell commands in python `lspci | grep Q | grep  "$isp_str1" | grep "$isp_str2" | cut -c1-7'
> I tried to use python subprocess and OS.Popen modules.
> Thanks & Regard's
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