[ANN] New paper published (Volume 7 of The Python Papers) - High-Speed Data Shredding using Python

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Mon Jul 30 23:36:19 CEST 2012

Link: http://ojs.pythonpapers.org/index.php/tpp/article/view/243


In recent years, backup and restore is a common topic in data storage. However, there’s hardly anybody mention about safe data deletion. Common data destruction methodology requires the wipe operation to fill the disk with zeros, then with random data, and then with zeros again. Three passes are normally sufficient for ordinary home users. On the down side, such algorithms will take many hours to delete a 2TB hard disk. Although current Linux utility tools gives most users more than enough security and data protections, we had developed a cross-platform standalone application that could expunge all confidential data stored in flash drive or hard disk. The data shredding software is written in Python, and it could overwrite existing data using user-defined wipe algorithm. This software project also explores the technical approaches to digital data destruction using various methodologies defined in different standards, which includes a selection of military-grade procedures proposed by information security specialists. The application operates with no limitations to the capacity of the storage media connected to the computer system, it can rapidly and securely erase any magnetic mediums, optical disks or solid-state memories found in the computer or embedded system. Not only does the software comply with the IEEE T10/T13 specifications, it also binds to the number of connectivity limited by the SAS/SATA buses.

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