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On Wed, 8 Dec 1999 00:27:31 -0800, Patrick Phalen <python-list at> wrote:
> [55555, on Tue, 07 Dec 1999]
> :: Thanks for the input.  Unfortunately, Zope looks like it's a little over my head, 
and I'm 
> :: not even sure what an application server is, although, I can guess.  Without getting 
> :: complex, is there a way to let the script stay open and "listen" for clicks on a 
> :: web page and then respond by printing new html whenever something happens.  I am 
> :: that cgi would do the trick, but as far as I can tell, it would reload the script 
> :: everytime something is clicked.  Is that wrong?  I just don't want to open and close 
> :: application 50 times.  Thanks again.
> Perhaps we could be more helpful if you'd take a wack at describing in
> more detail what you're trying to do.
> You say "without getting too complex," but from the sound of it, what
> you're looking for is rather complex.
> HTTP is, by design, a stateless protocol.  CGI, too, can be thought of
> as a sort of stateless remote procedure call; it isn't really connection
> oriented and it doesn't natively do what I think you want.
> But, again, I'm not clear on what you're looking to do. Maybe a push or 
> channel protocol like CDF or RSS?
I am basically trying to cheat learning how to program a GUI.  I've played around with 
Tkinter before, but I wasn't moving along quickly enough.  So I'm thinking I could print 
html to a browser on my machine using cgi instead of using the python console or Tkinter 
(this would not at all involve the internet).  I figure that any links that I print could 
just lead back to the script that was used to create the page in the first page and use 
arguements from the hyperlink to call a new function.  The negative part of this is that 
I don't want to reparse a bunch of text files every time I need user input.  Does this 
make sense?  I'm trying to create a mail client if that helps.  Thanks again.

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