English version for Mémento Python 3 (draft, readers needed)

MRAB python at mrabarnett.plus.com
Tue Jun 5 20:56:12 CEST 2012

On 05/06/2012 18:32, Laurent Pointal wrote:
> Hello,
> I started a first translation of my document originally in french. Could
> some fluent english people read it and indicate errors or bad english
> expressions.
> http://perso.limsi.fr/pointal/python:memento
In addition to what Paul wrote:

"mot" => "word"

min/MAJ case discrimination => case-sensitive

Identifiers no longer restricted to ASCII range. Even π is permitted.

litteral => literal

see verso => see reverse

logial => logical

Indexation des séquences => Indexing of sequences

exemple => example

nombres flottants => floating-point numbers

valeurs approchées => (not sure)

Opérators => Operators

remain => remainder

care to inifinite loops => beware of infinite loops (possibly)

cpt => cnt (possibly)

"trouvé" => "found"

modif => ?

littéral => literal

always return => always returns

recto => obverse ("obverse" is the "correct" word, although "front" 
might be clearer for those who don't know what "obverse" means!)

reversed copy => reverse iterator (note that it's an _iterator_)

défault => default

parametrs => parameters

"coucou" => "cuckoo"

fichier texte → lecture / écriture de chaînes uniquement, convertir 
de/vers le type désiré => text file → reads/writes strings (?)

ne pas oublier de refermer le fichier après son utilisation =>  don't 
forget to close the file after use

très courant : boucle itérative de lecture des lignes d'un fichier texte 
=> very common : iterative loop reading lines from a text file

ligne => line

bloc traitement de la ligne => block processing line

directives de formatage => format directives

valeurs à formater => Values to format

Paramètre de conversion => Conversion parameter

chaîne d'affichage => display string

chaîne de représentation => string representation (or "representation 

apparition order by default => in order of appearance by default (?)

espace => space

ou => or

flot => float

pourcent => percent

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