English version for Mémento Python 3 (draft, readers needed)

Paul Rubin no.email at nospam.invalid
Wed Jun 6 06:14:09 CEST 2012

Laurent Pointal <laurent.pointal at free.fr> writes:
>> There are a few other things like that, and I'll try to look more
>> carefully tonight, I can't spend more time on it right now.
> I updated the document into 1.0.5a (and fix some other errors).

A few more things:

In "Base types" section: 
   unmodifiable => immutable
      (both are correct but immutable is a clearer technical term)

In "Container types": 
   unmodifiable => immutable    as above
   dictionnary => dictionary

In "Identifiers":
   min/MAJ case discrimination => lower/UPPER case sensitive

In "Conversions":
   see verso => see other side
     ("verso" is not wrong, but it's an unusual word in US English)
   logial => logical

In "Sequences indexing":
   negative index -4 => [the formatting is broken]

In "Boolean Logic"
   twice simultaneously => both simultaneously

In "Maths"
   remain => modulo

[page 2]

In "Conditional loop statement"
  care to inifinite loops! => be careful of infinite loops!

In "Display / Input"
  recto => other side    (like "verso" further up)
  littéral => literal

In "Files"
  don't miss to close file => don't forget to close the file
    [but you might mention the "with" statement]

In "Function definition"
  bloc => block
  (« black box »)  => ("black box")
    [English speakers may not recognize « » symbols]
In "Generator of int sequences"
  You might mention that range makes a generator only in Python 3.
  In Python 2 it makes an actual list and xrange makes a generator.

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