Need to build Python 2.6 with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Tom Kacvinsky tkacvins at
Wed Jun 6 22:19:08 CEST 2012

For reasons beyond my control, I have a need to build Python 2.6 with
MSVC 2010 (for x64).  Does anyone have any hints as to how I can
accomplish this?  I see there are instructions for building Python 2.7
with MSVC 2010, but those are using the Python 2.7 source as the base
for patching, so they do me little to no good.  My main tripping point
right now is the deprecation of vcbuild (replaced by msbuild).  I can
run msbuild on the 2.6 solution files:

msbuild PCbuild\pcbuild.sln /p:Configuration="Release" /

but I get all sorts of errors, related to vcbuild not being
available.  Will this be as simple as getting the project/solution
files up to date for MSVC 2010, or am I going to have to patch a lot
of code?

Any and all help is much appreciated

Thanks in advance,


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