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Jon Clements joncle at
Thu Jun 7 00:48:40 CEST 2012

On 06/06/12 14:39, Christian Heimes wrote:
> Am 06.06.2012 14:50, schrieb loial:
>> I have a requirement to test the creation time of a file with the
>> current time and raise a message if the file is  more than 15 minutes
>> old.
>> Platform is Unix.
>> I have looked at using os.path.getctime for the file creation time and
>> time.time() for the current time, but is this the best approach?
> Lots of people are confused by ctime because they think 'c' stands for
> change. That's wrong. st_ctime is status change time. The ctime is
> updated when you change (for example) owner or group of a file, create a
> hard link etc. POSIX has no concept of creation time stamp.
> Christian

I haven't thought this through too much, but perhaps an ugly 
"work-around" would be to use inotify (in some kind of daemon) to watch 
for the IN_CREATE events and store the crtime in a personal DB. Then 
possibly look at some sort of scheduling to fulfil what happens after 15 

I'm sure there's subtleties I'm missing, but just thought it could be 


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