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I am still fairly new to python, but find it to be a great scripting 
language.Here is my issue:

I am attempting to utilize a function to receive any sequence of letter 
characters and return to me the next value in alphabetic order e.g. send 
in "abc" get back "abd".I found a function on StackExchange (Rosenfield, 
A 1995) that seems to work well enough (I think):

/def next(s):/

/strip_zs = s.rstrip('z')/

/if strip_zs:/

/return strip_zs[:-1] + chr(ord(strip_zs[-1]) + 1) + 'a' * (len(s) - 


/return 'a' * (len(s) + 1)/

I have found this function works well if I call it directly with a 
string enclosed in quotes:

returnValue = next("abc")

However, if I call the function with a variable populated from a value I 
obtain from an array[] it fails returning only ^K

Unfortunately, because I don't fully understand this next function I 
can't really interpret the error.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ahead of time,


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