Python libraries portable?

Alister alister.ware at
Fri Jun 8 10:09:52 CEST 2012

On Thu, 07 Jun 2012 20:20:47 +0000, jkells wrote:

> We are new to developing applications with Python.  A question came up
> concerning Python libraries being portable between Architectures.   
> More specifically, can we take a python library that runs on a X86
> architecture and run it on a SPARC architecture or do we need to get the
> native libraries for SPARC?
> Thanking you in advance

That would depend on the particular module
if it is a pure python module then it will work anywhere
if it is a C module for example cStringIO then it would be architecture 

some modules are wrappers to external library's (example GTK) so for 
those to work the necessary library files would need to be available

if you are using modules that are in the standard library (except some 
platform specific ones ) then they should be available across all 
platforms, otherwise you would need to check

see http://docs.python/library for details of the standard library

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