Re: Pythonic cross-platform GUI desingers à la Interface Builder (Re: what gui designer is everyone using)

rusi rustompmody at
Sun Jun 10 08:16:35 CEST 2012

On Jun 9, 10:07 pm, Dietmar Schwertberger <n... at>
> > And you can than go in the code editor to that function and change the
> > code to do whatever you want.
> Having to go there is already more work than I would expect.
> I would expect to go there e.g. by a double-click.
> This is just a minor point, but many minor points sum up...
> If you take maybe 10 people each with some BASIC or Python knowledge,
> I would bet that you can teach most of them how to write a
> simple GUI program in VB within five minutes, but you'll probably fail
> with Boa. (And even then you would have to re-teach them in a few
> months when they try to write their next program.)

This is worth a read in this context:

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