Strange Problem with pythonw.exe

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Mon Jun 11 01:39:49 CEST 2012

> > Hello subscribers,
> >
> > I've recently encountered a strange problem with Python for Windows.
> > I'm using Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit and Python 3.2.3 64 Bit (also tried 32
> > bit). The Problem is, that pythonw.exe does not work at all!
> > Therefore no IDLE for me... But python.exe runs just fine. I ran
> > Process Monitor, which showed some activity for pythonw.exe, but no
> > window is coming up.
> It is not quite clear what you did here, but if you just run 
> pythonw.exe, you should not see anything, as the 'w' stands for 
> 'Windows', 'windowless', or 'with user interaction through a gui brought 
> up by the python program being run'. It make it hard to debug if no gui 
> is being brought up.
> > The problem isn't restricted to my main python
> > installation. I have also tried running portable python and active
> > state python. No pythonw.exe of them is working. Reinstallation
> > didn't change anything. Windows firewall was deactivated, no
> > difference. No firewall-software or any possibilities of blocking
> > pythonw.exe. I couldn't find the problem online. My problem was
> > triggered by using PyQt. I've loaded an .ui, which did NOT show up. I
> > have Ne ver seen IDLE since that "crash". Advice anyone?
> I take it that IDLE *did* work before using PyQT. If this is correct (I 
> must admit, I hope so), I would ask the author of PyQT whether it or QT 
> does anything to the system that could persist across installs. The most 
> likely change to me would be in the registry. So if it were my machine, 
> I would fire up regedit, back up the registry, search it for 'pythonw', 
> look at the results, and perhaps delete all pythonw entries.
> Then reinstall the core component. You might also try 3.3.0a4, which had 
> additional bug fixes, or go back to something like 3.2.0.
> -- 
> Terry Jan Reedy

Thank you for your help. I found the problem at some other place. The registry tweaks didn't solve it. But I found the hint to look up my .idlerc folder. So the problem was entirely IDLE related (yes, it worked before). But it wasnt PyQt'S problem, but the mapping of some keyboard command I made. I used the 'ü' key (german keyboard), which kept me from using IDLE for 4 days now... Deleting the %username%/.idlerc folder got the job done finally!

Arthur J

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