Pythonic cross-platform GUI desingers ?? la Interface Builder (Re: what gui designer is everyone using)

Dietmar Schwertberger news at
Thu Jun 14 23:47:15 CEST 2012

Am 14.06.2012 23:29, schrieb Grant Edwards:
> On 2012-06-14, Dietmar Schwertberger<news at>  wrote:
>> Yes, sorry. I posted that too late in the night. The point was that
>> there's no easy-to-use GUI builder which would allow the casual user
>> to create a GUI.
> I'm not sure I'm in favor of casual users creating GUIs.
> Have you ever tried to _use_ a program built by a casual user?
> [OK, I'm half joking.]
I understand your point.
I've used and fixed many such programs.

Plenty of those were by so-called professionals. Usually, those are the
most problematic cases as you don't have the sources available or they
are developed and deployed by a central IT department.

There's a correlation between technical knowledge of creating a GUI
and the quality of the resulting GUI, but the correlation is not too

The casual programmer that I was refering to, is also among the users
of the software that (s)he is writing and therefore the GUI tends to
be improved over time, which often is not the case with the software
developed by so-called professionals who get paid for the program and
then move on.

The point is, that if you want to promote Python as replacement
for e.g. VB, Labview etc., then an easy-to-use GUI builder is required.
The typical GUI programs will just have an input mask, a button and one
or two output fields.



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