use Python to post image to Facebook

Putilov Roman putilovr at
Sat Jun 23 07:00:36 CEST 2012

Try to use
I don't test it, but there is no problem interact with google services.

22.06.12 17:27, davecotefilm at пишет:
> On Monday, 9 April 2012 20:24:54 UTC-7, CM  wrote:
>> Shot in the dark here:  has any who reads this group been successful
>> with getting Python to programmatically post an image to Facebook?
>> I've tried using fbconsole[1] and facepy[2], both of which apparently
>> work fine for their authors and others and although I have an
>> authorization code, publish permissions, a Facebook app, I get back
>> these unhelpful errors when I try this (like "an unknown  error
>> occurred").
>> If anyone has been able to do this, maybe you can help me figure out
>> what I am doing wrong.
> Hi, I am not sure, but have a similar question.  How can I post (upload) an image to google images and return the resulting page..?  In python?
> If you can help I would appreciate it ever so much,
> Dave:)

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