Rolf Wester rolf.wester at ilt.fraunhofer.de
Thu Mar 1 16:58:41 CET 2012


thanks for your replies so far.

The reason to use exec is just laziness. I have quite a lot of classes
representing material data and every class has a number of parameters.
The parameter are Magnitude objects (they have a value and a unit and overloaded
special functions to correctly handle the units). I want to have getter
functions that either return the Magnitude object or just the value:

iron = Iron()
iron.rho(0) => value
iron.rho() => Magnitude object

def rho(self, uf=1):
    if uf == 1:
        return self._rho
	return self._rho.val

And because this would mean quite a lot of writing I tried to do it with exec.

With kind regards
Rolf Wester

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