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On Tuesday, March 30, 2004 6:01:01 AM UTC-7, Gerrit wrote:
> > > --Dict should inherit from Set.
> > 
> > Also cool (I feel like the credits of Holy Grail saying Also wik).
> I have read (in c.l.py) that in Smalltalk, a Dict is a Set of Associates
> or something similar. I don't know Smalltalk, but I like this idea of a
> Set.

Yeah, I like this too.  I take it from the ABC language.  The thing that's relevant (and apropos to Paul Rubin's objection), is that when unifying models, you have to decide "where the decimal point is" from which all the different dimensions that the language is encoding and silently tracking can pivot around.  The ":" of a compound is a sort of decimal point.   Then the task is finding a formalism in which to define and incorporate all the relavent dimensions into one.  The result will be necessarily recursive, revolving around the notions of the "atomic" versus the "group" and the transition rules that govern them.  

mark (aka zipher)

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