Adopting ‘lockfile’ (was: Looking for people to take over some packages)

Ben Finney ben+python at
Sat Mar 3 22:43:47 CET 2012

skip at writes:

> Some time ago Ben Finney offered to take over lockfile.

That offer is still open. (Though I would appreciate ongoing development
help from people who use non-Linux operating systems, since file locking
works differently there and I don't have the resources to test on

> He doesn't want to horse around with Google Code and I don't want to
> learn how to use git/github just to make the existing code available
> to him. Perhaps someone with both Google Code and Github accounts can
> facilitate the exchange.

I don't see a need to horse around with Git either :-) It's currently in
Subversion, right? Can you not export the VCS history from Google Code's
Subversion repository to a ‘fastimport’ stream? Maybe someone with
experience on that site can help us.

> If you have any interest in helping with any of these, let me know.

Thanks for the responsible move to seek adoption for these projects.

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