How to convert simple B/W graphic to the dot matrix for the LED display/sign

Max Erickson maxerickson at
Sun Mar 4 15:09:23 CET 2012

Petr Jakes <petr.jakes.tpc at> wrote:

>> What file format is the graphic in? How big is it?
>> What file format do you want it to be?
> Now, I am able to create the png file with the resolution 432x64
> using PIL (using draw.text method for example).
> I would like to get the 432x64 True/False (Black/White) lookup
> table from this file, so I can switch LEDs ON/OFF accordingly.
> --
> Petr

The convert and load methods are one way to do it:

>>> import Image
>>>'L', (100,100))
>>> im=im.convert('1')
>>> px=im.load()
>>> px[0,0]

That's the numeral one in the argument to convert. The load method 
returns a pixel access object.


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