Is this the right location to launch IDLE?

John Salerno johnjsal at
Mon Mar 5 04:51:18 CET 2012

Unfortunately neither method worked. Adding "-r" to the path created this error when I tried it:

*** Error in script or command!

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\John\Documents\Python Scripts\", line 1
    class ChessPiece:
SyntaxError: invalid character in identifier

Although there really is no error in the file, and running it directly from within IDLE doesn't cause this problem.

Adding the "pythonw.exe" part to the beginning also gave this error, but when I remove the "-r", then it just opens IDLE as normal, but without having loaded the Notepad++ file.

I just know there has to be a way to do this, but perhaps it's more of an NP++ problem. I posted on their forums but no one responded. I thought I might see if the problem lies with calling IDLE, but apparently it's a Windows/NP++ thing...

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