Tkinter: Why aren't my widgets expanding when I resize the window?

Mark Lawrence breamoreboy at
Tue Mar 6 03:33:03 CET 2012

On 06/03/2012 02:20, Rick Johnson wrote:
> On Mar 5, 7:10 pm, Steven D'Aprano<steve
> +comp.lang.pyt... at>  wrote:
>> John, it is polite to leave attributions in place when you quote
>> somebody. I don't know who you are quoting above,
>> [...]
>> Which is a pity, because I gather that Rick actually does know Tkinter
>> well.
> My, my. Between your ad hominem attacks, FUD, wild assumptions, and
> veiled insults you did manage to get ONE small sentence of truthful
> content to propagate up; congratulations! Excuse me whist i toss my
> cookies!
>> But dealing with him is like wrestling with a pig:
> And there it is again. We can't admit Rick is correct without
> insulting him.
> But Steven, when have you EVER dealt with me on a professional level?
> When have you EVER offered a helping hand to one of my issues? For
> example: I can remember asking you to explain the new .format method
> of Py3000 and you said: "Sorry, too busy!". But you where not too busy
> to troll-up the list! WHEN have you ever admitted (without insulting
> me first) that i am in fact an asset to this community? Do you think
> this community will ever be a homogeneous block? And if so, would that
> be a good thing?
> I have an idea: How about YOU stop clinging to some archaic ideal of
> what YOU *think* this community *should* be, and instead, start
> opening up your mind to diverse personalities and diverse ideas. Heck,
> maybe you'll learn something new, "old dog". Remember how much you
> ranted about diversity in evolution? And now you have the AUDACITY to
> preach the opposite just to suit your own selfish argument. You are as
> hollow as a politician Steven. Nothing that you say can be taken
> seriously because it is just more propaganda and lies.
> And one more thing, If ANYONE on this list deserves "thespian of the
> year" award, it is you my friend! Between your comeo appearances as
> "Devils Advocate", "Sammy the Strawman Stuffer", "Snarky Detractor",
> and the ever-present "Troll Slayer" (saving damsels in distress from
> the trolls of c.l.p) --  i'd say you have the nomination won by a
> landslide!

There is no need for this.  You (as I've stated in another reply) seem 
to know what you're talking about WRT tkinter so please stick with the 
Light rather than the Dark Side.


Mark Lawrence.

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