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Wed Mar 7 18:16:27 CET 2012

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> > Hi,
> > I am confused between plain python, numpy, scipy, pylab, matplotlib.
> > I have high familiarity with matlab, but the computer I use does not
> > have it. So moving to python.
> > What should I use? and the best way to use it. I will be running
> > matlab-like scripts sometimes on the shell prompt and sometimes on the
> > command line.
>         If Matlab compatibility is a high constraint, I'll speak heresy and
> suggest you might look at Octave
>         Python is stand-alone programming/scripting language. Numpy is an
> extension package adding array/matrix math operations but the syntax
> won't be a direct match to Matlab; Scipy is an extension package that,
> well, extends Numpy. Matplotlib is a separate package for graphical
> plotting of array data. {simplistic explanation}
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Thanks everyone for helping me on this.

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