html5lib not thread safe. Is the Python SAX library thread-safe?

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at
Mon Mar 12 11:05:34 CET 2012

John Nagle, 11.03.2012 21:30:
>    "html5lib" is apparently not thread safe.
> (see "")
> Looking at the code, I've only found about three problems.
> They're all the usual "cached in a global without locking" bug.
> A few locks would fix that.
>    But html5lib calls the XML SAX parser. Is that thread-safe?
> Or is there more trouble down at the bottom?
> (I run a multi-threaded web crawler, and currently use BeautifulSoup,
> which is thread safe, although dated.  I'm looking at converting to
> html5lib.)

You may also consider moving to lxml. BeautifulSoup supports it as a parser
backend these days, so you wouldn't even have to rewrite your code to use
it. And performance-wise, well ...


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