Windows Contextmenu

Tim Golden mail at
Tue Mar 13 11:40:49 CET 2012

On 13/03/2012 09:41, Szabo, Patrick (LNG-VIE) wrote:
> I wrote the following Script which I want to run from the open with
> contextmenu in Windows.
> For that purpose I used py2exe to make an exe out of it.

[... snip ...]

> Now the script runs fine but I don’t get all arguments from sys.argv.
> No mather how many files I mark in the explorer I only get one as an
> argument.

You're missing out vital information:

* How have you attached this code to the context menu? What was
the exact registry entry (or other method) you used?

* Does it work as native Python (ie without the py2exe layer)?

* Presumably the same issue occurs if you simply have: print sys.argv
   on its own (ie it's nothing to do with your loop and later code)


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