Is it technically possible to give Python option of naming process of running script?

xliiv tymoteusz.jankowski at
Thu Mar 15 08:26:51 CET 2012

> >> Like the topic.. .
> >> I use Python a lot, both Windows and Linux, and it's little weird to have many python process without fast distinction which is what.
> >
> > I've no idea if it's even possible on Windows. On Linux, what you want
> > is the prctl function, which (AFAIK) isn't directly available.
> >
> > Google is your friend, though. Question's already been asked on Stack
> > Overflow and such, and has a few answers. Nothing that looks
> > cut-and-dried ready, but several that might work.
> The question of how to set the application name comes up somewhat
> regularly. It would be awfully nice if there was a way for python
> applications to set their application name.  It's especially useful
> for daemons, and makes it much easier when you can kill them by name
> instead of having to look up the PID.
> It seems like an excellent thing to add to the "os" module.
> > Look for 'prctl' and 'PR_SET_NAME', which are the C-level function
> > and constant that do the job; a cursory examination of PyPI shows a
> > module with prctl in the name, so that may be of value.

I did google, I've played with Exemaker (it works perfect, but not py3) and i've seen questions on Stackoverflow. 
The thing I mean is a build feature of python to give such a name. Not 3rd part or etc. like Grant Edwards said. Is it possible?

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