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Chris Angelico <rosuav at> writes:

> Yup. It's amazing how accurate your conjectures are - it's almost like
> you've been reading the docs! :D But yeah, that's pretty logical IMHO;
> and having gotten used to [) intervals in many areas of computing,
> I've come to find [] intervals disconcerting. Bible passages are
> described as, for instance, John 14:5-7, which is a three-verse
> passage (5, 6, 7), even though 7-5=2.

Another good reason to advocate for proper typography. “John 14:5–7”
indicates a range (because it uses U+2013 EN DASH), whereas “7−5”
indicates subtraction (because it uses U+2212 MINUS SIGN). A hyphen (‘-’
U+002D) is inappropriate in either case.

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