Question about python 3.2 distutils

Collin Day dcday137 at
Sat Mar 17 07:05:29 CET 2012

Hi all,

I have a question about python 3.2 distutils on a Gentoo amd64 system.  
When I open an ipython session and import distutils.unixcompiler and 
then check the shared library extension with 
UnixCCompiler.shared)lib_extension, it returns '.so', as I would 
expect.  When I run a in an unofficial PIL source that should 
work with python 3.2 and step into it, I hit the line:

find_library_file(self, "tcl" + version):
     feature.tcl = "tcl"+TCL_VERSION

self is: <__main__.pil_build_ext object at 0xf44510>

find_library_file is:

def find_library_file(self, library):
     return self.compiler.find_library_file(self.compiler.library_dirs, 

     self.compiler is <distutils.unixccompiler.UnixCCompiler object at 
     library is:  'tcl8.5'

when I check the shared_lib_extension it returns '' - not 

This is causing a problem because, for example, I have, but 
it is looking for

Where is this shared lib extension being determined?  After all, in an 
interactive session, it is just looking for .so, but in the script, it 
is looking for  I tried grep -R cpython-32 * in the top 
level directory of ther PIL source I am using, thinking it may be 
ovridden or set somewhere, but it turns up empty.  Can anyone tell me 
what the difference is?  I posted earlier, but I just noticed this 
difference between interactive session and script.


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