prince.pangeni prince.ram85 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 05:31:39 CET 2012

Hi all,
   I am doing a simulation project using Python. In my project, I want
to use some short of distribution to generate requests to a server.
The request should have two distributions. One for request arrival
rate (should be poisson) and another for request mix (i.e. out of the
total requests defined in request arrival rate, how many requests are
of which type).
   Example: Suppose the request rate is - 90 req/sec (generated using
poisson distribution) at time t and we have 3 types of requests (i.e.
r1, r2, r2). The request mix distribution output should be similar to:
{r1 : 50 , r2 : 30 , r3 : 10} (i.e. out of 90 requests - 50 are of r1
type, 30 are of r2 type and 10 are of r3 type).
   As I an new to python distribution module, I am not getting how to
code this situation. Please help me out for the same.

  Thanks in advance


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