Fabric Engine v1.0 released under AGPL

Paul Doyle paul at fabric-engine.com
Tue Mar 20 23:24:28 CET 2012

Hi Colin,

Fabric supports multi-dimensional arrays, and also provides support
for dictionaries. You can read more here:

In terms of comparison to Numpy - I'm not familiar with that product,
but some surface level similarities/differences:

- we don't provide high-level functions for scientific computing. This
is something we're looking at now.
- both products provide methods for including existing libraries
- Fabric is a high-performance framework -
- we haven't benchmarked against R, MatLab etc but we run at the same
speed as multi-threaded compiled code (since that's essentially what
we're doing).

Hope that helps,


> It seems that sing;e dimension arrays are used in KL.  How does this
> compare with Numpy?
> Colin W.

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