urllib.urlretrieve never returns???

Laszlo Nagy gandalf at shopzeus.com
Wed Mar 21 13:38:10 CET 2012

On 2012-03-20 22:26, Prasad, Ramit wrote:
> I just looked at your source file on ActiveState and noticed that
> you do not import traceback. That is why you are getting the
> AttributeError. Now you should be getting a much better error
> once you import it:)
Nope. That would result in a NameError. After adding "import traceback", 
I still get several AttributeError messages. The traceback should 
contain the exact line number, and a description about what object is 
missing what attribute anyway. My code is pure Python, and under no 
circumstances should it be able to start a blocked call for a system 
library function.

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