Compiling Python (modules) on 64bit Windows - which compiler suite?

Ralph Heinkel ralph.heinkel at
Wed Mar 21 16:06:47 CET 2012


when processing our mass spectrometry data we are running against the
2GB memory limit on our 32 bit machines. So we are planning to move to
64bit. Downloading and installing the 64bit version of Python for
Windows is trivial, but how do we compile our own C extension? Visual C
++ 2008 express comes for free, but only compiles for 32 bit.

What has been used to compile the downloadable Python Win64 bit
version? Visual Studio professional?
The problem with the professional edition is that it is hard to obtain
and it is sort of out-of-date - nowadays everyone uses Visual Studio
2010 (or even 2011 coming soon). So if Visual Studio 2008 professional
is required for compiling 64bit modules, we would have to spend $1200
for a license which is actually rather out of date.

Any hints or suggestions are very welcome.



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