ReportLab alternative for Python3

Katya esyrkina at
Wed Mar 21 16:15:52 CET 2012

I have a Python3 GUI, where user selects certain values to be statistically evaluated and/or plotted (matplotlib hist).

Out of this GUI on user's request I want to create a report, prefferebly in DOC or/and ODT or/and PDF or/and HTML formats. The layout of the report is pretty much fixed, what will change is: the names of the selected measures and the corresponding values (there are always three measures to display - user selects which), matplotlib histogram (only image will change depending on the selected settings, but not its size/location), user name, date etc.

ReportLab which seems to be suitable is not ready for Python3. I also found a reference to pod package ( which looks very close to my needs. But pod does NOT support Python3, also after 2to3 convertion and couple of small fixes.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated since the rest of the project is nearly done and this is the last big unsolved problem!


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