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Fri Mar 23 12:00:13 CET 2012

Reply to Steve Howell

Do you think we'll always have a huge number of incompatible
programming languages?  I agree with you that it's a fact of life in
2012, but will it be a fact of life in 2062?

We can only HOPE so!

When I first learned unix / sh / csh / tcsh / bash ...etc... it irked me no
end that there was so much variation and inconsistency, and I couldn't wait
for some kind of standard to finally emerge. But now I realize in hindsight
that what I was seeing was evolution in action! Software evolves much like
life, in a healthy ecosystem there are a million variations, and nobody
knows in advance which ones will succeed and which will fail. And so it is
with programming languages, we should all be happy that we live in an
environment so rich with competing ideas and ideologies, look at all the
fun we are having just discussing all the possibilities!  Compared to my
first computer experience on Digitals DCL (Digital Command Language) that
had the same syntax and command-line arguments for every command defined in
DEC, as if the product of a Master Designer, it was beautiful consistency
and easy to learn, but it only allowed three levels of directories, and
one-size-fits-all for everyone. I loved it then, but now I see that was
like life in a medieval monastery.

Vive la difference!
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