Advise of programming one of my first programs

Anatoli Hristov tolidtm at
Mon Mar 26 23:53:54 CEST 2012

Hi guys just wanted to share one of my first programs. Could you please
tell me, do I use a right logic ?
It works fine what I wanted to do, but is it writen in the right way? My
next step is to make it write the changes of the dictionary on the file :)

## DB
tbook = {'goodie':['Christian','Van Eckel','Bruxelles','Forest','02 344 33
33','This is a test note :)'],
         'ronaldo':['Diego','Aspanda','Brussels','Vorst','03 443 23 23','']}

## Edit selected nickname
def edit():
    sb = tbook[select]
    fn = raw_input('New name for ' + sb[0] + ' : ')
    sb[0] = fn
    ln = raw_input('New name for ' + sb[1] + ' : ')
    sb[1] = ln
    raw_input('\n\n\nPress <Enter> to return')

## Details of nickname
def details():
        sb = tbook[select]
        print 'Nickname: ', select, ' is selected\n'
        print 'First name:\t', sb[0], '\n'
        print 'Last name:\t', sb[1], '\n'
        print 'Country:\t', sb[2], '\n'
        print 'City:\t\t', sb[3], '\n'
        print 'Phone number:\t',sb[4], '\n'
        print 'Memos:\n'
        print sb[5]

        print '\n\n(E)dit\n\n'
        print '(B)ack to phonebook list\n\n'
        menu = raw_input('What you wana do? ')
        if menu == 'e':
        if menu == 'b':

## Select nickname
def selectm():
    global select
    select = raw_input('Type nickname and press <Enter>: ')
    if select == '':
    if select in tbook:

## List all contacts
def listpb():
    print '_' *45, ' Phonebook ', '_' *45,'\n\n\n'

    print 'Nick\t\tF.Name\t\tL.Name\t\tCity\t\t\tRegion\t\tTel'
    print '_' * 105,'\n','\t' * 13
    for val in tbook.keys():
            print val, '\t\t', tbook[val][0], '\t', tbook[val][1], '\t',
tbook[val][2], '\t\t', tbook[val][3], '\t\t', tbook[val][4],'\t\t\n'
    print '_'*105,'\n\n'

## Call list names

Thanks a lot

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