Advise of programming one of my first programs

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Thu Mar 29 00:33:54 CEST 2012

> You are correct it is not. :) You code is overly complex making it harder
> to understand. Try and reduce the problem to the least number of tasks you
> need.
> >From the Zen of Python, "Simple is better than complex." It is a good
> programming
> mentality.

Complex is better than complicated. :p

> 2. A system to navigate your program.
> def mmenu():
>    # load tbook here
>    while True:
>        choicem = get_menu_choice()
>        if choicem == 'e' or choicem == 'E':
>              book = get_book_name()
>              edit( tbook, book )
>        elif choicem == 'd' or choicem == 'D':
>              book = get_book_name()
>              details( tbook, book )
>        elif choicem =='Q' or choicem == 'q':
>              break # end loop to exit program
>        else:
>              print 'Selection {0} not understood.'.format( choicem )I have
> given you more functions

With the main navigation menu I will only have the option to select a
nickname and when a nickname is selected then it loads Details of the
contact and from loaded details I can choice Edit or back to main screen,
like I did it the first time, or else I can do it => when 'e' pressed to
ask for a nickname and then edit it.

> 3. function to write an edited book
> def write_book(tbook):
>    write_book = open('c:/Python27/Toli/myfile.txt', 'w')
>    write_book.write(str(tbook))
>    # I think repr would be more accurate than str here.
I`m not that far as you already know :)  I hope I will learn everything as
soon as I can as I`m not capable to read python everyday.

> I do not think you need any other functions. Now you just need to finsh
> all the functions
> and put it all together.
I will finish it just need to understand more the functions and complex


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