tabs/spaces (was: Re: unittest: assertRaises() with an instance instead of a type)

Ulrich Eckhardt ulrich.eckhardt at
Thu Mar 29 09:18:24 CEST 2012

Am 28.03.2012 20:26, schrieb Terry Reedy:
> On 3/28/2012 8:28 AM, Ulrich Eckhardt wrote:
>> # call testee and verify results
>> try:
>> function here...
>> except exception_type as e:
>> if not exception is None:
>> self.assertEqual(e, exception)
> Did you use tabs? They do not get preserved indefinitely, so they are
> bad for posting.

I didn't consciously use tabs, actually I would rather avoid them. That 
said, my posting looks correctly indented in my "sent" folder and also 
in the copy received from my newsserver. What could also have an 
influence is line endings. I'm using Thunderbird on win32 here, acting 
as news client to comp.lang.python. Or maybe it's your software (or 
maybe some software in between) that fails to preserve formatting.



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