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Fri Mar 30 09:27:13 CEST 2012

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> The Romans had perfectly functioning concrete without any abstract
> understanding of chemistry.

If I ever stumbled upon a technology that proved how useless abstract
thinking was, do you know what I would call it?


Damn, those clever Romans beat me to it by a couple millennia!  And
they had AQUEDUCTS!!!

> [...] Medicine and pharmaceuticals continue to be
> discovered even when we can't predict the properties of molecules.

I know this is really, really far out, and I should probably come back
down to earth, but I can envision some sort of 25th century utopia
where scientists measure the weights and charges and atoms, and
arrange them into some kind of chart, and just BASED ON THE CHART
ALONE, these 25th century scientists might be able to predict
behaviors that have never been observed, just BASED ON ABSTRACT

Whoa!  That's really far out stuff.  Give me some oxygen! (preferably
of the 1s2 2s2 2p4 variety)

(Yep, I get it, the periodic table is about atoms, and medicine/
pharmaceuticals are about molecules, so your point is not invalid.
It's still alchemy, though.)

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