Obnoxious postings from Google Groups

rurpy at yahoo.com rurpy at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 1 23:08:26 CET 2012

On 11/01/2012 03:55 AM, Jamie Paul Griffin wrote:
> Anybody serious about programming should be using a form of
> UNIX/Linux if you ask me. It's inconceivable that these systems
> should be avoided if you're serious about Software Engineering and
> Computer Science, etc. For UNIX there are loads of decent news
> reading software and mail user agents to learn and use. slrn is a
> good one and point it at gmane.org as someone else pointed out. I
> can't even imagine using a browser or Google Groups, etc. now.

Are you saying that this group is only for "serious" programmers?

"serious" is also a matter of opinion.  I have some serious
programmer friends who maintain, in complete sincerity, that
serious programmers should not waste time on slow, script-kiddie
languages like Python, but should be developing their skills 
with serious professional languages like Java, C#, etc.

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