Organisation of python classes and their methods

Paul Rubin at nospam.invalid
Fri Nov 2 18:24:56 CET 2012

Martin Hewitson <martinhewitson at> writes:
> Well, here we disagree. Suppose I have a class which encapsulates
> time-series data. Below is a list of the absolute minimum methods one
> would have to process that data. ... 
>     'abs'
>     'acos'
>     'asin'
> ...

Ok, THERE is your problem.  Why do you have separate implementations of
all those functions?  Does the abs of a time series simply mean the abs
of each element of the series?  In that case you want just ONE method,
something like "map", which applies an arbitrary function to all
elements of the series.  Then for time series ts, instead of saying
ts.abs(), you'd say where abs is the existing, built-in
absolute value function.  You could similarly say etc.
That gets rid of almost all of those methods.

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