How to improve the usability of nested packages

Michael Schwarz at
Sat Nov 3 09:54:43 CET 2012

Hi Terry

On 2012-W44-5, at 18:56, Terry Reedy wrote:

>> or would you maybe structure the library entirely different?
> Based on my limited experience with subpackages* plus reports on this list about problems, such as yours, I have concluded that subpackages are an attractive nuisance that are generally more trouble than they are worth. I suggest you consider sticking with your original flat (no subpackage) design. (But maybe someone knows better than me how to make subpackages work ;-).

One thing that I would lose is the way I can choose very short names for the packages and modules that are imported into the local namespace (like sip or rtp) and also add new stuff without fearing a namespace conflict in one of the applications using the library.

I really hope there is a better way :-(.

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