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On Nov 4, 4:14 pm, Jamie Paul Griffin <ja... at kode5.net> wrote:
> / ru... at yahoo.com wrote on Fri  2.Nov'12 at 11:39:10 -0700 /
> > (I also hope I haven't just been suckered by a troll
> > attempt, windows/unix is better then unix/windows being
> > an age-old means of trolling.)
> No, i'm not a "troll". I was just adding my opinion to the thread, I assumed that was allowed. I didn't say UNIX is better than Windows, did I; I just feel that Windows is not -- for me anyway -- the most suitable plaform for learning about the science of computing and coding, etc... being a computer science student that's the view i have and share with those I learn with and from. Why must people be accused of trolling everytime they make a statement that conveys a preference over one platform or language, for example, than the other. Provoking someone by labeling them a troll or implying they might be is a bit childish really.

Hi Jamie

Among people who know me, I am a linux nerd: My sister scolded me
yesterday because I put files on her computer without spaces:

Your post reminds me: As someone who has taught CS for 25 years, Ive
not only been party to his Unix-fanboy viewpoint but have even
actively fostered it.  Over time Ive come to have some pangs of
conscience about this. Evidently this kind of attitude has helped no
one: not my students, not the corporations they join, not the society
at large.

So now, on my blog I maintain a record of the foibles of CS academics.
is a history of CS as it is normally given.

is the above deconstructed with stupidities of academic CS factored

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