Applying a paid third party ssl certificate

Dieter Maurer dieter at
Mon Nov 5 08:48:43 CET 2012

ehsmenggroups at writes:
> I haven't quite figured out how to apply a paid ssl cert, say RapidSSL free SSL test from Python's recent sponsor and what to do with that to make Python happy.
> This good fellow suggests using the PEM format. I tried and failed.
> The self signed cert recepies found all work swell, but some browsers (webkit) gets very upset indeed. I want to use ajax requests from clients (e.g autocompletion, stats collection etc) and put that in a python program without hogging down the main apache stack, but without a proper ssl cert this doesn't work.
> Does anyone have any ideas what to do?

>From your description, I derive that you want
your client (python program) to autenticate itself via an
SSL certificate.

If my assumption is correct, I would start with a look at
the Python documentation for HTTPS connections.
When I remember right, they have 2 optional parameters
to specify a client certificate and to specify trusted
certificates (when server presented certificates should be verified).

Once, you have determined how to present the client certificate
for the base HTTPS connection, you may need to look at the documentation
or source code of higher level apis (such as "urllib2") to learn
how to pass on your certificate down to the real connection.

You may also have a look at "PyPI". You may find there packages
facilitating Python's "SSL" support.

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